A quarterly pairing of local investors and local business opportunities with the perfect cocktail!

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Lack of capital is one of the top causes for the steep decline in startup rates in rural America.  PitchFork offers a uniquely local solution to this challenge by providing a fun, no-pressure networking event for local investors to learn about promising local business ventures and for local entrepreneurs to learn more about the pitch process.

We believe that strengthening skills and connections of entrepreneurs and investors will encourage greater investment – large and small – into local economic growth.  We also believe that local investment offers our community greater control to shape the local economy.  Individual investing decisions can target the start and growth of businesses that reflect their values and the culture of the region.  Relationships between entrepreneurs and investors strengthen the fabric of our local economy by connecting leaders in our community with entrepreneurs in a meaningful way to build valuable networks, provide invaluable support, and increase the chances that local ventures will survive and thrive.

Each PitchFork features 2-3 business pitches as well as updates on prior pitches and opportunities to learn more about local investing. The event purposefully highlights a broad range of size, sector and stage of business ventures that are either starting or growing in the Monadnock Region.  To date, companies have been looking for investment of $20,000 to $1,000,000 in both debt and equity.  Some have been looking to PitchFork for their sole source of funding and others have been making pitches to multiple investors.

SEC laws prevent deals from being specifically discussed with a non-accredited investor group which fortunately, for all, means NO PRESSURE!  Businesses will contact only investors who have expressed interest and will follow up only after the event.  That leaves everyone free to enjoy the local food, signature cocktail and other interesting local characters before and after the pitches.

Past PitchFork Presenters:

  • Meg Eldredge from RAYO will create rugged yet sophisticated clothing and gear for the Urban Explorer – stylish gear that fits the small-city still while fulfilling your country lifestyle need.  All products will be made in developing countries, using healthy business practices.  Creating living-wage jobs our employees will be able to cover all basic needs for themselves and their family, have healthcare for their families and start a small savings fund. Working conditions will be safe, nurturing, fair and reliable and we will provide a transparent and conscientious supply chain. {October 2017}
  • Bill Brown from Secutor Solutions, a knowledge management software company, will be presenting plans for expansion and growth. Secutor Solutions provides software and services to minimize cost and time and improve safety for enterprises by helping them collect, manage and reuse valuable experiential knowledge. Their software is used by project teams primarily in the construction, energy and pharmaceutical industries. {October 2017}
  • Drew Bryenton and Jean Marie Roth from Casita Keene (Keene, NH) is a small house development venture.  They seek to purchase centrally located building lots in Keene and construct small (200-400 sqft.), intentionally designed homes that are energy efficient and of high quality. These houses will fill a gap in the Keene rental market for individuals and small families seeking the private enjoyment of a single family dwelling.  {October 2017}
  • Jon Starbuck and John Kondos for Chesterfield Community Solar (Chesterfield, NH): This Monadnock Sustainability Network (MSN) initiative will assist the  Chesterfield Community Solar, LLC with the development and installation of a community supported solar system. This approach will retain tax, investment, energy and labor dollars in the community while providing access to solar energy for the Town of Chesterfield. {July 2017}
  • Roy Wallen and Gene Garcia for a biotech incubator concept (Keene, NH).  They want to build on the region’s strong heritage in agriculture and access to university research. This facility will take a simple approach to building basic laboratory facilities to support individual researchers, entrepreneurs, and students in their interests in spin out new companies to make Keene a new center for biotech research and development. {July 2017}
  • Darren Mark for Språngchair (Keene, NH & Brattleboro, VT), is a revolutionary new active sitting chair.  Inventor, Darren Mark is seeking funding to grow from a one-man operation & begin scaling the company. Having shipped close to 200 chairs this Spring as a result of a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, he’s hit the pause button on production and marketing, while putting together a plan to start making chairs to meet demand & professionalize the operation. Test marketing during the Kickstarter demonstrated robust demand, with 150 chairs ordered in a frenzied 10 day period last July. {July 2017}
  • Melissa Thompson for Hyndsight Vision Systems (Peterborough, NH) builds high quality, wireless camera systems for a multitude of uses.  Their cameras are long range, portable, versatile, easy to use, and durable for whatever they’re put up against.  They make life a little safer and easier to literally have “eyes in the back of your head.”  Founded in 2012 they have successfully launched their original wireless camera system and are seeking funding to launch a new product. {April 2017}
  • Jason Garland for kaZING , (Peterborough, NH) is a startup in the On Demand Economy. They provide a one-stop app solution for a locally based marketplace that connects service providers with consumers and businesses. Unlike vertical players in the On Demand Economy that focus on a single marketplace (i.e. taxi service, or dog walkers), kaZING believes the most efficient model puts help of all kinds at the push of a single button.  {April 2017}
  • Hollis McGuire, a guest presented information to investors about a new Impact NH Fund she and others have been organizing to encourage more NH women to become angel investors and to provide capital for businesses with women CEOs and/or women represented in the executive team.  {April 2017}
  • Josh Velasquez for Nuttin Ordinary, a plant-based cheese company, will be presenting plans for expansion and growth. Their products are currently featured at many co-ops and Whole Foods Markets around New England. The company is looking for a new space and equipment to scale up production and is well positioned to in the fast growing plant-based food sector.  {January 2017}
  • Heather Holloway-Smith and Wade Smith for Mill Hollow Works, an experiential learning center based in Alstead, will be joining us to talk about their bold plans to make this region a destination for people who want to the opportunity to immerse themselves in meaningful craft, sustainable living, and using basic tools by engaging in activities like boat building. Mill Hollow is a graduate of our fall Startup Lab and is launching February 2017. They are pitching for support for creative ways to build the workspaces they need to get started. {January 2017}
  • Ash Sheehan with an update on Modestman Brewing.  {January 2017}
  • Peter Hansel for a second Community Supported Solar array in the region. The first successfully went on line on a roof top in Keene in 2016. The current project is in Marlborough. They are hoping to raise approximately $150,000 through owner investors.  {September 2016}
  • Amanda Littleton for a delivery truck for Monadnock Menus, a distribution hub that aggregates food from 35 farms and delivers weekly to institutional buyers. This is a social venture and Amanda is seeking $75,000 in contributions to the nonprofit Cheshire County Conservation District. {September 2016}
  • Ash Sheehan, for a craft brewery, modestman Brewing, to bring together beer aficionados and the region’s young community.  {September 2016}