The PitchFork Platform provides a coming together, a marketplace, to network entrepreneurs, ideas, investors, and community. It offers a uniquely local solution by providing fun, low-key networking events for the local community to learn about promising ideas and businesses that will help pave the way for a more idea-friendly and vibrant local economy.

PitchFork was established in 2016 when it became abundantly clear that rural areas were not recovering in the same way as their urban counterparts and startup rates were abysmally low. These low rates were tied to low rates of investment for rural businesses and PitchFork has grown and changed over the years to meet the need for diverse types of funding for startup and growth.

What’s on Deck for 2022:

PitchFork Business Idea

PitchFork Growth

PitchFork Community Idea

PitchFork Challenge

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How to Launch Your Own PitchFork Challenge

Read our updated “how-to” guide and lessons learned putting together our pitch competition. This is a valuable reference tool to guide any small community interested in supporting their entrepreneurial community with a fun pitch competition.