A dynamic (virtual) gathering for thriving small communities

September 24, 2020  |  Hosted by the Hannah Grimes Center and the Keene Sentinel

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Ready for some certainty?!?  So are we!!!  The Team at Radically Rural has decided it is time to put some certainty into these uncertain times.  Rather than trying to anticipate the course of this virus, the actions of the government, and the ability to travel and gather safely in large numbers, we have instead decided to lean into a single-day, entirely virtual summit for rural leaders and community members around the world.
Despite the obvious downside of not being able to hang out with all of you on Main Street to discuss great ideas over great coffee or cocktails, we do see some advantages for shaping and sharing great ideas for rural communities.  With a lower price and no travel costs, we hope that more of you can join us.  We also hope you might choose to safely gather in your communities to listen together, to share your ideas, and to work the keynote and session ideas into actionable ideas for your community.  Perhaps a little mini-mixer at the end of the day?
We’ll work hard to ensure the same level of connection, creativity, energy and participation that this event is built on and we will look forward to sharing a cup of coffee with many new folks in 2021!  Our Red Radically Rural cinch sacks and the Radically Rural edition of the Business Journal will go out prior to the event along with other event materials.
So…. the Radically Rural Summit will be held exclusively online on Thursday, September 24th. Radically Rural Remote will be held using webinar software with the opportunities for attendees from across the country to watch and join in through the chat features. Each session will have tech support staff assisting speakers and serving attendees with the goal of creating lively, interactive, and expertly produced programming.

Radically Rural Offers Six Exciting Program Tracks!

Radically Rural is built around six engaging program tracks that are highly relevant for rural communities and small towns:

Clean Energy

The climate crisis is impacting rural communities disproportionately. These communities frequently depend on agriculture and tourism economies, but changes in weather patterns threaten both. Residents of rural communities also spend more of their household dollars on energy, studies show. Investment in energy efficiency, renewables and community solutions to electricity purchasing can provide opportunities to reduce costs, increase comfort and enhance rural living and resilience. Radically Rural seeks to provide solutions, guidelines and models for community leaders, groups and individuals to promote clean energy as a means to combat the climate crisis.

                                                     Local Organizer: Monadnock Sustainability Network

Arts and Culture

The Arts are an expression of our cultural roots, our reality today and our understanding of what may happen tomorrow, and, as such, are vital to the health of communities. The importance of adequate funding and that these funds represent the diaspora of the individuals in these communities and beyond feeds our sense of belonging, understanding and social development. The arts can also be an intricate part of economic development. A full spectrum of emotions and socio-economic benefits are in the hands of our painters, actors, museum curators, arts educators and more. Join us at Radically Rural as we engage community leaders and stakeholders to build through the arts an increased community understanding and a strong sense of place.

                                                     Local Organizer: Monadnock Arts Alive!


Entrepreneurship has a powerful impact on creating regional prosperity through job creation and building local companies, which care deeply about their communities. But we see growing disparity between rural and urban entrepreneurial activity and a corresponding socio-economic and political gap between the two. Distinct solutions are needed for there to be a rural advantage. Innovative small town ecosystems are bubbling up across the nation. Join us to learn about the creativity and                                                                                              change that is driving local economies AND building small communities, which thrive.

                                                     Local Organizer: The Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship

Community Journalism

Local journalism, a bedrock for informed and successful small communities, is under threat. More and more towns are losing their local news sources to the economic upheaval facing the news business and dramatic changes in the ways people get their information. We know that when a trusted local news operation leaves a town, taxes increase, bond rates worsen and community economic development suffers. Radically Rural seeks to provide ideas, solutions, and models for news organizations and communities to ensure the financial health of those operations so that residents can stay informed.

                                                     Local Organizer: The Keene Sentinel

Main Street

Main Streets are the socio-economic centers of rural communities. Their ability to thrive is essential to the continued economic success of small cities and towns, and these centers imbue their residents with a sense of place. This awareness is often tied to the past, inextricability set in the present and looking toward the future. Facing challenges of today means keeping Main Street surviving and even thriving. Tomorrow’s future doesn’t mean leaving everything behind but, rather, acknowledging what to save and what to improve. Reimagining Main Streets can enliven stakeholders and residents in fundamentally new ways. Join us at Radically Rural as we explore the rebirth of Main Street and the positive impacts available to rural communities.

                                                     Local Organizer: Prime Roast Coffee Company, Monadnock Economic Development Corporation, Life is Sweet.

Land & Community

Land use permeates conversations in rural communities, from forestry to cattle grazing, to farming and to recreation. The livelihoods of these towns are often tied to the surrounding landscape and lands. Because the health of this land is impacted by the climate crisis, communities must act, adjust and adapt. Join Radically Rural as we introduce how people can better connect to the land for economic, social and healing benefits.

                                                     Local Organizer: The Cheshire County Conservation District

Jump the Tracks! Registered attendees are free to attend programs from any of the tracks.

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