Learn how to succinctly talk about your business and connect with potential customers, mentors and investors in the community.  This is a great opportunity to connect your business and its growth opportunities to potential investors with an interest in supporting local economic growth and whose resources extend beyond just financial to include valuable networks, experience, resources and skills.

If you are selected, this program coaches you to create an effective 5-minute presentation and culminates in a live event competition. As the entrepreneur, you will work with a panel of professional business advisers and consultants to hone your pitch.  You will also have access to these coaches for the full period prior to the event.

The winner of the event will go straight to the semi-final round of the PitchFork Challenge for an opportunity to win $10,000 cash award for their rural startup business if the winner then progresses to the final pitch event on September 19, 2019.

As dictated by SEC rules, the event itself does not allow a direct ask of funding, but it does allow investors to learn about your business opportunity and can allow for connections after the event.  If you’re looking for funding for your business or organization, please contact us directly to for more information about PitchFork.  If this program isn’t a fit for you, we can also make suggestions about other good funding sources for your startup or growing business.


We are running our 2019 PitchFork Challenge competition from May to September 2019. Find more information about the PitchFork Challenge on our website.

We will run the PitchFork Challenge again in 2020. To stay up to date on the application announcement, sign up for our newsletter. Or email our program director to learn more: kate@hannahgrimes.com.