You may have a lot to invest — or a little | You may be new to investing — or you may spend your days in a venture capital firm.

But you share a desire to drive local economic growth in a way that reflects your values and the region’s culture.  You also like the common sense notion that you understand where your money is going, what it is doing and how you will get it back.  You like the idea that you get to look the entrepreneur in the eye and shake their hand — and perhaps sip their beer, use their camera, or build a boat with them.  You like that you might be able to offer more than just money, perhaps a piece of advice or a connection to an old college friend or a tip about a vacant building.

We invite you to join forces in building a powerful pool of local investors to drive the growth of smart, sustainable businesses in our region.  We invite you to come and learn about the amazing work of entrepreneurs in your neighborhood.  We invite you to come and learn more about investing itself.  We invite you to join us for great local food, a signature cocktail and wildly interesting new connections.

We understand that the particular pitches in an evening may not be of interest to you for a variety of reasons, but we do ask that if you register to attend, it is with a serious intent to invest or loan — at whatever level — in businesses opportunities that meet your criteria.  And a reminder that there will be no pressure and no asks at the event itself.  If you express interest in a project, we will make sure the entrepreneur follows up with you following the event.

If you’d like to receive updates on future events, please send us an email at programs@hannahgrimes.com and let us know!

If you know of or are involved in some promising business ventures looking for an opportunity to develop and share their pitch, email us!  You can also send them to our entrepreneur page for more information.  We plan to spotlight a broad range of size, sector and stage of business ventures starting and growing in the Monadnock Region.