Lash Laboratory Solutions, LLC:

Lash Laboratory Solutions provides innovative and timely solutions to problems in biotechnology, agricultural testing, and specialized support services. We are located in Keene, NH where we are able to utilize the agricultural background of the region to develop testing methods to ensure safety for agrarian products. Cheshire County has several higher learning institutions, a strong history of innovation in manufacturing, and a well educated local workforce. The exceptional diversity of the region helps to develop testing methodologies and services that will create future opportunities for Lash Labs and the Monadnock region.

Lash Laboratory Solutions is working to develop a molecular method for raw milk testing that will capitalize on the impressive amplification of target that modern biological assays can provide. Our testing methods focus upon the identification of total bacterial content, yeast and mold content, and eukaryotic cell content with specific testing that will identify known pathogens as well as quantify the host cells present in the samples. Our testing method will improve the overall test time from days to hours, allowing in process testing of milk and processing equipment. Our goal is to bring about a revolution where the health benefits of raw milk can be safely realized.