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The Outliers: Dealing with Behavioral Exceptions at Work

Sep 12, 2018 @ 8:30 am - 10:30 am

Do you have a 20/80 problem? As in 20% of your employees are consuming 80% of your time? If you do, you probably are dealing with negative Outlier Behavior. Most of the time, most of the people you work with are on track and things are going smoothly. But then there are the exceptions. This workshop will provide strategies and tools to help you (and hopefully the Outlier too!) change patterns that disrupt others, diminish productivity, and deplete morale. We will also talk about recognizing positive Outlier Behavior and how nurturing this is an integral part of dealing with (and preventing) negative Outlier Behavior. This workshop will have lots of “hands on” opportunities for those who want it, so bring actual situations you are facing (sample scenarios will also be used). This workshop is structured for people who have supervisory roles.
** Registration is required prior to the workshop.

About the Instructor:

As an experienced workshop facilitator, Karen brings great joy and passion to helping individuals and teams learn and grow. She helps identify how Learning & Development can address key needs within an organization and create a comprehensive plan to extend learning beyond a workshop. As a seasoned mental health clinician she also provides knowledgeable and compassionate support to employees when they are experiencing something distressful.


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