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Beginner’s Guide to Reading & Understanding Financial Statements

May 13, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

If you find yourself constantly wondering:

  1. What is a P&L, income statement, balance sheet, cash flows, etc
  2. What is gross income, net income, gross receipts, fixed asset, de minimis items, etc
  3. “I’m an LLC” – how that can mean different things!
  4. How you’re doing financially
  5. How much money you’ve made
  6. How much can you take out of the business now that you are no longer a W2 employee
  7. What your cash flows statement even means?!
  8. Can you afford to: take out a new loan, buy a new house, buy new equipment, take a draw, buy another business, etc
  9. How to record a transaction
  10. How to answer your banker’s/lender’s questions when talking with them
  11. What the heck is a current ratio requirement in your bank loan!?
  12. And more

If you’ve found yourself acting as a small business owner and running your own operations, you might find that the financial statements of your company are ‘like Greek’ to you. You might hear accounting jargon thrown around with reckless abandon and might feel like you’re not quite understanding your financials and your responsibilities as a business owner.

This class will give you the details on what exactly certain common terms mean and how that impacts you. You might be wondering how to read your QuickBooks reports or how to take money of the the company to finally start paying yourself (now that you’re finally making a profit!). Or you might want to get a a feel for just general operations and how you can properly track and understand your numbers so you can see just how successful this venture is. And, as always, open discussion is encouraged, so bring your notebook full of questions and commonly used ‘Greek’ words that you hear and we can dive on in!!!

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About the Instructor:

Ashley Guion is a CPA and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor at Nathan Wechsler & Co.


Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship
25 Roxbury Street
Keene, NH 03431 United States
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