What's the Future of the Cheshire County Farm? Join the Discussion at an Upcoming Community Forum

In July and August 2011, Cheshire County residents will be asked to join in on community conversations regarding the future use of the Cheshire County Farm and former jail building in Westmoreland, NH. For the past 146 years the county-owned farm has been county run and supported by the rehabilitative work of inmates from the […]


Our May Business e-newsletter focused on how we innovate – changing our business services, products and systems for the better. In our February Business Survey, 40% of you reported that your business innovated in 2010, mostly by adding new products. What are your plans for innovating in the second half of 2011? Please share your […]

Health & Wellness for Entrepreneurs

Below are articles highlighting wellness programs, for both you (as an entrepreneur) & your employees, and managing your health care coverage (or lack of coverage). Please share how you keep yourself, your family and employees healthy with the Hannah Grimes network (a group of veteran and aspiring entrepreneurs) on Facebook, LinkedIn or send us an […]