6-Month Start-Up Program Helps Businesses Like “Of Moose and Mountain” Grow on the Right Track

Early this year, Westmoreland resident John Wills decided it was time to make a modest side business his new day job. Of Moose & Mountain (www.OfMooseAndMountain.com) creates unique graphic designs inspired by nature and New England. To more successfully grow his business, John enrolled in Hannah Grimes’ Business Start-Up Program. John says that “While I […]

38,000 Local Businesses and National Independent Business Advocates Launch “Shift Your Shopping”

Saturday, November 3 marks the launch of Shift Your Shopping, the second annual national collaborative holiday campaign among advocates for local independent business. Shift Your Shopping encourages citizens and businesses to make a “shift” by buying from local independent businesses for the holiday season. More than 140 local business alliances across the U.S. and Canada, […]

Retail Means Jobs! New Hampshire

Originally Posted on National Retail Federation Website Retail directly and indirectly supports 1 in 4 New Hampshire jobs. Retail is directly and indirectly responsible for 21% of New Hampshire’s GDP. Retail directly and indirectly generates 20% of labor income in New Hampshire. Retail supports 222,787 jobs in New Hampshire. View more about New Hampshire’s Retail […]

Communities Across North America Encourage You to Shift Your Shopping

The Shift Your Shopping Holiday Campaign runs through December 31, 2011.  Citizens are encouraged to shift 10% or more of their holiday purchases to locally-owned and independent businesses.  In its second year, this movement has grown from its New England base — including the Monadnock, Seacoast and Lakes Regions of New Hampshire — to over […]