“You get what you pay for.”  In business, we know this to be true because we’ve learned it the hard way.  It is a rare moment when something really good comes along that is high value and is free.  Take note, this is one of those moments.  If you have a business with revenues over $100,000 and you are […]

20 years ago today…

The buy local movement had not yet struck in 1997 and the ability to buy and sell local products was all but disappearing.  Many towns had the same chain stores selling the same generic products.  If a buyer’s options were limited, a local producer’s options were almost non-existent.  With the consolidation of distribution channels, it had become increasingly difficult […]

20 Years Later… A Note from our Executive Director

Jack Dugan sat on my couch 20 years ago in March of 1997 dodging ladybugs.  They had suddenly come to life on that warm and sunny day to crawl out of the delightful crevices only a 200 year old house can offer up. I had started the NH Traditional Craft & Industry Fair (later to […]

Early Bird Sale: Take 75% off…

From our Director: Energy prices in New England create a competitive disadvantage for businesses located here.  And with the unpredictability in energy prices (except that we can generally count on them going up), a smart, strategic move for any business owner will be to identify energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that can reduce operating […]

Building Our Vibrant Region

Almost to the minute, it has been ten years since the Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship opened here on Roxbury Street.  And while it is hard to believe, next year Hannah Grimes Marketplace will celebrate 20 years. In his book The Third Plate, Dan Barber argues that sustainability isn’t achieved until the culture supports it.  It made […]

Musings from our small businesses: Thoughts from a Local Building Scientist

Periodically we like to hear from our small businesses: What are the main challenges they face? What do they need to be successful? What have they learned? And of course, how can businesses contribute to a vibrant community? Today Gabriel LaPlume, Owner, BuildSmart NE shares his “Thoughts from a Local Building Scientist”. – MAK I […]

People are Noticing: a Local Economy is a Good Economy

I am very proud to report that Hannah Grimes’ mission and ongoing work were recognized recently in two prominent state-wide publications. The Hannah Grimes Marketplace was named Retail Business of the Year by Business NH Magazine! Organizations in nine categories were chosen for “their outstanding civic contributions and exceptional performance within their industry sector.” The […]

Entrepreneurship in Action: Swanzey’s ABTech Spots a Trend and Takes Action

Entrepreneurship is often driven by an ability to see trends, understand their implications and act. Trends in demographics, trends in purchase behavior, trends in customer needs all offer opportunity for those ready to “see” the possibilities. Swanzey-based ABTech recently saw a trend in their markets – competitors unwilling to re-purpose or re-use components for their customers. […]

Hannah Grimes Recognizes Entrepreneur of the Year Lisa Sieverts at Upcoming CONNECT

We are thrilled that Lisa Sieverts, founder and owner of Facilitated Change, has been selected Entrepreneur of the Year for the Monadnock Region. Lisa will be presented with the Entrepreneur of the Year award and recognized at our upcoming CONNECT 2013 Event, October 30, 2013, at Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole. Lisa was the only tenant […]

Growing a Specialty Food Sector

A new network is in place to support the growth of a local specialty food sector in our region and encourage the use of local ingredients in that sector. The Hannah Grimes Center, Hannah Grimes Marketplace, Neighbor Made Kitchen and the Cheshire County Conservation District’s Monadnock Menu’s program are working together in East Keene to […]