Early Bird Sale: Take 75% off…

From our Director: Energy prices in New England create a competitive disadvantage for businesses located here.  And with the unpredictability in energy prices (except that we can generally count on them going up), a smart, strategic move for any business owner will be to identify energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that can reduce operating […]

Expert’s Corner: Wink Faulkner

Strategic Planning: What It Is and Why It’s Important! “A Strategic Plan is 1% Vision and 99% Alignment” On March 9th, I lead a workshop at the Hannah Grimes Center that focused on Strategic Planning. We had a great turnout of attendees, ranging from start-ups to fairly well established businesses offering products and services including […]

Musings from our small businesses: Thoughts from a Local Building Scientist

Periodically we like to hear from our small businesses: What are the main challenges they face? What do they need to be successful? What have they learned? And of course, how can businesses contribute to a vibrant community? Today Gabriel LaPlume, Owner, BuildSmart NE shares his “Thoughts from a Local Building Scientist”. – MAK I […]

Building a Green Local Economy

By Christina O’Brien, SISR Architecture Originally Posted at Monadnock Shopper News It is a very important mission of ours here at SISR Architecture, LLC to promote locally manufactured green building products to our clients. While buying local products helps stimulate and strengthen the local economy (which is so very critical these days), it also helps […]