What If (Part III)…Re-Thinking the Economy One Big System at a Time

The Monadnock Domestic Product Parts I & II of this series focused on credit card processing and investing, respectively. I argued for increased localization of both of these systems because money from both activities leaves the community unnecessarily, in my view. And truthfully there are many more of these systems we could explore, but for […]

Hannah Grimes Recognizes Entrepreneur of the Year Lisa Sieverts at Upcoming CONNECT

We are thrilled that Lisa Sieverts, founder and owner of Facilitated Change, has been selected Entrepreneur of the Year for the Monadnock Region. Lisa will be presented with the Entrepreneur of the Year award and recognized at our upcoming CONNECT 2013 Event, October 30, 2013, at Alyson’s Orchard in Walpole. Lisa was the only tenant […]

What If (Part II)…Re-Thinking the Economy One Big System at a Time

Part II:Retirement Investing In Part I of this series I focused on localizing credit card processing, working from the assumption that consumers love credit cards, but the fees associated with those transactions are in many cases leaving our community. Credit card transaction fees are primarily something to worry about for small business owners; the topic […]

Keene Pumpkin Festival Commits to Zero Waste by 2017

Hannah Grimes’ Business Incubator Program Associate CS Wurzburger, aka The Green Up Girl, is leading the “Green Team” for the 2013 Keene Pumpkin Festival. They are on a mission to reduce waste by 35% this year, increase recycling and implement composting. The goal:  a zero waste event by 2017. Entrepreneurship, innovation, and engagement in community […]

CONNECT 2013 is (Almost) Here; Register Today!

CONNECT is Hannah Grimes’ annual celebration of the connections between business, the local economy and our community. Everyone is welcome and we’d love to see you there. This year’s 8th annual CONNECT is October 30, so register today to attend! CONNECT is a terrific place to network, share ideas, and discuss community needs. So please […]

Thanks to Our Many CONNECT 2013 Sponsors, Including…

CONNECT is Hannah Grimes’ signature annual event celebrating the connections between business, the local economy and our community. CONNECT reflects our mission to provide the tools and resources entrepreneurs and community wealth builders need to start, grow and thrive. Sponsorship support is critical to the success of CONNECT. We want to take a moment and […]

Hannah Grimes Relies on You: One Donor’s Experience.

Recently, Keene resident Chuck Redfern used our web site donation function to make an individual donation. Like most nonprofits, the Hannah Grimes Center depends on the financial support of individuals, foundations, and private businesses to achieve its mission. Chuck kindly passed along some of his thoughts about contributing. “Over the past year, I have participated […]