Hannah Grimes Center Board of Directors

  • President Peter Hansel, retired, Filtrine
  • Vice President Maureen Curtiss, GM, Janos Technology
  • Secretary┬áRachel Eschle, BCE Consulting
  • Randall Walter, Owner of Randall Walter Design
  • Terrence Williams, President and COO, The Keene Sentinel
  • Carl Jacobs, retired, Community Worker and Musician
  • Deirdre Fitzpatrick, W.S. Badger Company

Hannah Grimes Marketplace Board of Directors

  • President Melissa Binder, C & S Wholesale Grocers
  • Vice President Mary Ann Kristiansen, Hannah Grimes Center
  • Secretary Dale Montrone, Wondrous Roots
  • Treasurer Jim Lorette, Bunny Boogie
  • Beth Kosuk, Monadnock Food Coop